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Social Media Secret Weapon

By stevecombes on October 20, 2010

How many of you have piles of unread magazines stacked up on your desk or bookshelves? COME ON, HANDS UP… I know it isn’t just me.

I recently found out about this fantastic website that acts as an online magazine rack with thousands of blogs and websites on any topic you are interested in… this is a great coup for social networking as it allows you to find the best blogs/website that resonate with you and your audience… you will never be at a loss of what to say again (and you can finally clear off that desk because everything you need is online… simplified)!

Check it out..but be sure to give yourself a time limit, I got a little carried away the first time I went on it…it was like Christmas in October…


138 East 7th Avenue, Suite 100


901 King Street West, Suite 400

Los Angeles

12655 W Jefferson Blvd