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How the latest social media updates for Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat affect you

By Jiver on April 5, 2016

No matter what, with any social media update, you’ll get supporters and people who oppose. Your favourite beauty blogger is telling you to turn on Instagram notifications or maybe they aren’t in order to uphold their brand image. Regardless, if you’ve been keeping up with the social chaos, you know that it’s a matter of patience and adapting to the change.

It’s classic change management.

Instagram Update: Algorithm Crash Course

Instagram is changing its algorithm so posts in your timeline won’t be in chronological order [insert apocalyptic blood-curdling scream here]. Your timeline will now be determined by what Instagram deems to be relevant to you, prioritizing posts based off people you’re closest to or who you have shown the most interest.

To Turn On or Not to Turn On Notifications, That Is the Question…

Simply put, turning on notifications for particular users means you’ll be alerted once they post something new. Sounds great, right? For the once a day Instagrammer, you’re probably fine. But be warned if you turn on notifications for users that post several times a day, you will get real-time updates on when they post – further pulling you into the vortex of always checking social media.

Bottom Line: It boils down to personal preference and there is no FOMO if you don’t turn on notifications.

Instagram Update: Longer Videos

Instagram is finally extending the 15-second video to 60 seconds! This enables users and brands to share greater stories and moments, such as capturing half a song or the epic chorus at a Justin Bieber concert instead of a 15-second blip.

Bottom Line: You’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in an experience. Instead of binge-watching YouTube videos, you’ll be going through a collection of one-minute Instagram clips.

Instagram Update: Exact Dates and Search Bars

Instagram’s exact date stamps and search bars for your friend’s followers and following have upped the creeping game. Now you don’t have to do a mathematical equation to determine the date of “2w” or “34w”. The social network blessed us with an exact date at the bottom left of posts and the ability to search for our crush on our friend’s profile…because, well, they aren’t following us and we’re definitely not going to follow them.

Bottom Line: Now you have more evidence to call out the person who keeps stealing your Instagram photos and claiming it as their own or find out who your friends are following because you couldn’t recall how many S’s were in ssssamanthaa.

Twitter Update: Accessible Images

Twitter has realized images are the center of attention on its platform from memes to puppy wipe-out moments. They have integrated alternative text (alt text) for images so you can now add descriptions of up to 420 characters that will help the visually impaired have access through assistive technology.

Bottom Line: You can start using your beautiful Bob Ross poetry of “happy little trees” to describe your scenic Pacific Northwest photography.

Snapchat: Chat 2.0 and Stories

As if we didn’t spend enough time on Snapchat, they launched Chat 2.0. Now your friend who likes to belt out tunes or show you wicked dance moves, will be able to call, video call or bombard you with stickers until you pay attention.

Snapchat has also introduced Auto-Advance Stories, which allows you to catch up on the slew of stories your friends have added by having the next one start automatically or swipe to skip.

Bottom Line: Your friends who enjoy the ability to Snapchat or engage during work hours will get even more intense as they attempt to video call you with live news. Cue the puppy videos.

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