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Instagram Instagratification

By Jiver on June 17, 2014

You JUST posted a photo on Instagram and you anxiously wait for that Instagram icon to show up on the top left corner of your phone’s screen – an indicator that someone has possibly liked or commented on your photo.

You look around and see everyone from the food vendor to the person who just bumped into you on the street glued to their phone screens, but you have yet to get a single double-tap!

Some may say #FirstWorldProblems – but how do YOU or your ‘brand’ get noticed?

First things first, Instagram is kind of a big deal. It sees 58 times and 120 times more engagement over Facebook and 120 times more engagement over Twitter on brand posts.

So how do you make the most of it? …Let’s take a look:

Sharing is Caring


Get people excited by featuring them on your Instagram. “Regram” or repost their picture and tag them. People love to be recognized, especially when they are using a brand’s product and not expecting for their own post to show up on your stream.

Elicit Emotion

Be consistent with your posts – identify your theme and tone of voice. Select pictures that elicit emotion to expand your reach. A beer brand can include photos of fun activities while having a beer, not just beer shots.

Use and Monitor Hashtags

Use hashtags strategically and sparingly. Don’t fill 3 lines with hashtags just to get engagement. Use hashtags unique to your brand together with general highly used hashtags. We use #LoveJiveLife to connect to our company, but add general hashtags like #teambuilding for broader reach.



As much as we say Instagram is awesome, people are still using Facebook and Twitter, so you can’t forget about them entirely. That’s why we usually encourage using the same Instagram and Twitter handle when possible. This makes it easier for people to share your post from Instagram to Twitter (and vice versa) without losing your ‘tag’ or branding.


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