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First-Ever Team Canada to Compete in Snowball Fighting World Championships

By Jiver on January 21, 2016

Saskatchewan team to represent Canada in Snowball Fighting (Yukigassen) World Championships

Yukigassen World Championships take place in Hokkaido, Japan on February 20 – 21

Buck Productions signs Team Canada to development deal as Kickstarter campaign launches to help with Yukigassen documentary

Team Canada attempts to break Guinness World Record® for Largest Snowball Fight at Saskatoon’s Victoria Park on January 31

Get to know Yukigassen’s Team Canada here

SASKATOON (January 20, 2016) – Snowball Fighting just became more competitive with a team from Saskatchewan qualifying for the 28th Annual Showa Shinzan International Yukigassen World Championships. Yukigassen – meaning “snow battle” in English – is a popular sport in Japan, whose team has held the World Title for nearly 30 years. Team Canada consists of 10 players – David Thomson, Nathan Thoen, Anthony Thoen, Reid Maltman, Chris Dziki, Quentin Thoen, Landon Johnson, and Tyler Maltman – who will travel to Japan to compete against the best in the world. The team will also be filming their experience for an upcoming documentary, Yukigassen: Road to Glory and a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help with filming costs.

Team Canada won the Canadian Yukigassen Championships in 2011, but was unable to travel to Japan to compete in the World Championships that year. However, because they were the first-ever Canadian Yukigassen Champions, they were given a grace period to make it to the World Championships.


Striking a pose wearing their Official Team Canada Onesies
(L-R) Nathan Thoen, Doctor Tyler Maltman, and Reid Maltman.

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Yukigassen pits two teams of eight against each other to battle it out with three different goals in mind: eliminate all players on the opposing team with snowballs, capture the other team’s flag, or have more players on the field when the clock runs out.

“Being crowned the first Team Canada in the Yukigassen history was a moment I’ll never forget. Not being able to go to Japan that year was tough, but only further stoked my desire to make this dream a reality,” said Nathan Thoen, Yukigassen Team Canada Co-Captain. “Competing at the international level will be righteous, but we’re also there to show Japan how it’s done off the field. We’re going to roadie up to Hokkaido in a van and take every chance to immerse ourselves in the culture – shread pow, hang with samurais and sumo dudes, party in our van, etc.” adds David Thomson, Yukigassen Team Canada Co-Captain.

“I’m excited for these guys to get their shot at the World Title,” said Gord Ferguson, President, Yukigassen Canada. “And I’m hoping that their story being documented will help grow the sport of Yukigassen in North America.”

Although Canada is known for its harsh winters, Team Canada goes into this tournament as an underdog. As a send-off the team is attempting to break the Guinness World RecordÒ for Largest Snowball Fight at Saskatoon’s Victoria Park on January 31. Seattle has held the current record since January 2013, where 5,834 people participated.

Team Canada has also joined forces with Toronto-based production company Buck Productions to create a content strategy and help document their Yukigassen trip to Japan.

“It’s a perfect storm of sub-culture, great characters and ridiculousness with the opportunity to live across multiple content platforms,” said Jim Kiriakakis, Head of Television + Development, Buck Productions. “We’re excited to partner with Dave, Nate and the rest of the boys to bring the story of their Yukigassen journey to life.”

Yukigassen’s Team Canada players are:

David Thomson (Co-Captain)
Age: 28
Hometown: Saskatoon
Occupation: Filmmaker/ Airbnb Proprietor

Nathan Thoen (Co-Captain)
Age: 24
Hometown: Prince Albert, SK
Occupation: Marketing Director

Anthony Thoen
Age: 26
Hometown: Prince Albert, SK
Occupation: Advertising Account Manager

Reid Maltman
Age: 25
Hometown: Saskatoon
Occupation: Student

Chris Dziki
Age: 25
Hometown: Prince Albert, SK
Occupation: Unknown

Quentin Thoen
Age: 22
Hometown: Prince Albert, SK
Occupation: Student

Landon Johnson
Age: 27
Hometown: Prince Albert, SK
Occupation: Filmmaker

Tyler Maltman
Age: 28
Hometown: Saskatoon
Occupation: Doctor

Get social with Yukigassen’s Team Canada:

Twitter: @yukigassenca
Facebook: yukigassenca
Instagram: yukigassen

About Yukigassen’s Team Canada

Lead by David (DT) Thomson and Nathan (SharkNato) Theon, Team Canada is a group of rowdy, fun-loving prairie boys who were crowned the first-ever snowball fighting national champions of Yukigassen in 2011.  The team first came together around this time in 2011 after hearing about the first ever Yukigassen Canadian National Championships in Edmonton.  For the boys, Yukigassen took everything they loved about being Canadian and put it into an insanely fun sport: snow, being hilarious and being rad. Team Canada’s mission is to travel to Japan to fight for snowball supremacy and a chance to cap off their Yukigassen adventure as the only team to ever beat the Japanese and win the worlds…and of course to have every bit of fun they can possibly have on the way.

About Buck Productions
Buck Productions is a leading content creation company that has seen success in feature films, television, branded content, documentaries, and commercials. Considered one of the most diverse production houses in North America, owner and CEO Sean Buckley has cultivated a concept-first culture, where ideas and end products are paramount. Buck is one of North America’s foremost production companies.

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