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5 Tips on How to Increase Social Media Buzz at Your Experiential Event

You know Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are not the places to sell your products or services with salesman-like language (at least not directly any way). That’s why using social media at events is a great way to increase online engagement but in a genuine and organic way.
  1. Limit Attendance

People love to experience brands. People love it even more if they get an exclusive invite. This makes them more excited to share a brand’s story or new product launch as ‘bragging rights’ for being the first to have a peak at the goods.
  1. Create Unique Hashtags

Creating a unique hashtag for  your event makes it easier for you and your fans to track real-time engagement. It provides a common source of conversation with your fans without overt sales pitching and truly brings out the brand image you wish to portray.
  1. Live Stream Content

Bring social media to the forefront. Make it known that attendees’ tweets will not only be seen by their followers but by individuals who have also been exclusively invited to the event. This helps increase physical interactions as your audience will be inclined to find the person with the hilariously punny tweet.
  1. Have a Keepsake

Encourage attendees to post on social media using your unique hashtag by providing an incentive. There are photo booth services like PixelBooth that offer a service called PixelGram where they compile a live feed of photos from Instagram or Twitter using your unique event hashtag. Then your attendees can print their photos taken with Instagram or Twitter on-site.
  1. Be Actively Engaged

Don’t forget to bring out your social media savvy and tweet and post using your own account to provide a flow of conversation. Be sure to make your unique hashtag clear on signage, posters, banners and even stickers at the event so that it always stays top of mind.

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Do you ever catch yourself at an important executive meeting and for the life of you can’t remember the person’s name sitting across from you? You try to wait and listen for cues or any indication of another individual calling that person’s name, but to no avail – it never comes up.

We’ve put together five digestible tips to avoid this situation and help you remember names.

  1. Repetition is key. Whenever possible, repeat the person’s name both in your mind as you’re sitting around the meeting table and in conversation. E.g. “Nice to meet you, Ann” Saying things out loud will allow your mind to focus on the information, but don’t overdo it.
  1. Make associations. Associate names with something interesting about the person whether it is where they work, a hobby, or a unique characteristic. E.g. “Mark owns a boat in the Caribbean.” How many people do you know with the same name? It is natural to use a point of reference to describe a person. E.g. “Kate, the one with the red hair”
  1. Create nicknames. Use something fun to tie in with the person’s name. E.g. “When you meet Luke, think of Luke Skywalker.” Nicknames also tie in the key tip of associating a name, with something familiar.
  1. Turn it into a rhyme. Rhyming names with words helps make it catchy and therefore is better for retaining names and successfully recalling them. E.g. “Ana Banana”
  1. Get a card/write it down. The best thing to do is to get the person’s business card or write it down if the situation is not awkward. The visual element of seeing the name will ingrain it in your memory. Write down specific notes after a conversation to make sure you remember.

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Company Description

Jive Communications is one of Canada’s leading boutique agencies based out of Vancouver and Toronto. Jive strives to provide the best client experience, create exceptional brand stories, and drive maximum traditional and social media coverage.

From brand and corporate to film and entertainment, Jive Communications’ clients are some of the leading companies in their industries. Jive considers all of their client relationships partnerships and strives to build brand awareness through traditional media, social media, demographic outreach, and experiential PR events.

Account Manager (Vancouver Office)
Public Relations & Communications

Position Type: Full-time
Compensation: Salary
Desired Start Date: Immediately

Job Description

The perfect candidate must be a highly motivated, self-starter with at least 3-5 years PR experience as well as possess exceptional account management/direction, media relations, strategic capabilities, strong press contacts, social media, and client liaison skills.

The role will include working closely with both Jive partners, other account team members, as well as clients on specific day-to-day deliverables to implement PR campaigns.

Jive is in the midst of expanding and bringing on more clients. In order to maintain the personal, ‘boutique’ feel of the individual nurturing relationships with these clients, the perfect candidate will be integral in making this transition happen. A focus on client service and building loyalty is key.

Main Job Duties

Your role would include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Consumer PR – Use one’s expertise to plan and implement dynamic PR campaigns
  • Corporate PR – Plan and implement impactful media/PR campaigns
  • Publicity – Generate positive news coverage across the broad media spectrum through solid press relations
  • Strategic Planning – Develop and execute strategies aligned with the client’s key business objectives
  • Creativity – Utilize knowledge of the media to recognize media angles and pitch media outlets successfully
  • Excellent Writing Skills – Draft pitches and other written press materials

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma, or Certificate in Public Relations, Communications, or a related field
  • Minimum 3-5 years PR experience, including minimum 1.5 years account management
  • From concept to completion, has expertise to deliver a successful PR campaigns exceeding client expectations
  • Experience in leading and strategizing a reactive and proactive press office and handling incoming press inquiries
  • A wide & strong network of regional/national contacts across the media spectrum
  • Ability to build relationships on an internal and external level
  • Team player, working well under pressure and thrives in a fast-paced, ever changing environment
  • Excellent publicity skills – oral, written, and interpersonal skills
  • Solid understanding and experience in social media strategy, campaigns, execution and analytics
  • Strong detail-orientation, organizational, and time management skills
  • Demonstrates initiative, innovation, integrity, and professionalism
  • Exceptional client management skills
  • Maintain confidentiality and exercise tact when dealing with sensitive issues


  • Access to a smartphone, laptop computer (Jive is a bring-your-own device company)
Applicants should submit their cover letter and CV with the subject heading “Account Manager Application – [Insert Full Name]” to Almira Bardai, Partner of Jive Communications at
We are looking to fill this role immediately as such, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
We wish to thank all applicants for their interest. However, only those invited for an interview will be contacted.

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The Meaning of “Creating Content”

As social media savvy users, we often feel pressured to create the perfect content. But what is the perfect content? That solely depends on the channel you’re using and your audience.

Creating content doesn’t have to be a lot of work – don’t think of it as a chore where you have to write a blog, or you have to create a newsletter. Find out first if your readers even like reading it by integrating trackable analytics.

Use Pictures

People love pictures and they get a lot more engagement than plain text. But don’t just filter and post a picture; extend that engagement by adding text or editing the photo. We like using PicMonkey as an alternative to buying Adobe Photoshop.


Share Info

Who says you have to reinvent the wheel? People love when you aren’t just tooting your own horn. You don’t have to be the be-all and end-all information resource. Pick topics that your audience is interested in whether it is food, local activities or motivational quotes.


Ask your audience or followers for feedback (especially if you’re a major brand). It’s the best for getting them excited. Caveat: make sure you avoid questions that will evoke negative feedback. Hearing crickets? Incentivize your audience with a contest using a small prize.

Capture3Remember, keep it simple. You don’t always have to stick with the same formula. Analyze your results and change it as necessary. There are no hard and fast rules.

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For Immediate Release
July 28,2014

Vancouver Radio Legend Gets New Home on LG 104.3

Larry Hennessey (formerly of Larry & Willy) returns to Vancouver on new morning show

Richmond, B.C. – In addition to sunshine and long summer days, Vancouverites now have another reason to wake up with a smile on their face – the return of iconic morning show host Larry Hennessey on LG 104.3 in early August.

For 27 years, Larry was half of the world-famous Larry & Willy morning show. Together, Larry & Willy revolutionized morning radio in Vancouver, first on CFOX and later on Jack-FM. From the laugh out loud antics you’ve grown to love from Larry & Willy over the past few decades to the upbeat and familiar music you grew up with in the 70s and 80s – mornings with Larry Hennessey are going to start your day with a smile on LG 104.3.

“Nothing makes a morning commute more enjoyable than a good laugh and great music,” says LG 104.3 Program Director, Taylor Jukes. “Larry has been a staple in Vancouver radio and is the perfect host to lead a station dedicated to playing the songs that define our youth.”

But since he was part of a famous duo for so long, the question is bound to be asked…Larry and Who? Jukes promises an answer soon. “Larry is the first piece of the LG 104.3 morning show,“ she says. “There’s more to come!”

One bright and familiar voice will be joining Larry immediately. Corrie Miller will provide morning news and traffic updates. Corrie has worked extensively in the Vancouver market for 10 years, most notably as a morning show co-host for the Bro Jake show.

LG 104.3 plays Vancouver’s Greatest Hits, the songs you grew up with in the 70s and 80s from artists like Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, The Beatles and Madonna. The station is designed to be contemporary and relevant to today’s busy adult. The music on LG 104.3 spans the decades and is rooted in Vancouver’s rich history. It’s almost impossible not to sing along!

About Newcap Radio:

Newcap Radio (TSX: NCC.A, NCC.B) is one of Canada’s leading radio broadcasters with 95 licences across Canada. The Company reaches millions of listeners each week through a variety of formats and is a recognized industry leader in radio programming, sales and networking.

About Larry Hennessey:

Larry met Willy Percy in Thunder Bay, ON in the mid-80’s and then together moved to Vancouver to change the face of morning radio. He’s a singer and multi-instrumentalist, playing the bass, guitar, keyboards, and percussion. His favourite food is Italian, he lives on the North Shore, and he goes back to his home province of Newfoundland every year for a visit.

Follow @LG1043