What is your unique story? What sets your brand apart from the rest?

And how are you going to make sure people know about it?

At Jive, we work closely with our partners to figure out what sets you apart from your competition so we can create a compelling story, then plan out a measurable way to tell that story to media and your ideal customers. Maybe it’s through editorial newspaper and TV stories, maybe it’s through Facebook and Twitter (and maybe it’s not). Effective communication is not about blasting a whole bunch of messages out through a ton of different mediums and hoping some of them stick, it’s about developing a well-thought-out communications plan that is right for your business, then executed in a consistent and measurable way – with constant feedback.

Part art, part science – effective communication is what sets successful brands apart from the rest.

Let us help you be a success story!

From brand and corporate to film and entertainment, the benefits of Jive PR and Publicity include:

  • The most economical way to reach mass audiences
  • Increased awareness and demand of your company products or services
  • A measurable, more controlled image for your company
  • A public perception that the company is active and growing
  • An effective presence on social media that builds brand champions.
  • Connecting your brand ideals to your consumers needs through the use of effective stories.