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5 Tips on How to Increase Social Media Buzz at Your Experiential Event

By Jiver on October 29, 2014

You know Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are not the places to sell your products or services with salesman-like language (at least not directly any way). That’s why using social media at events is a great way to increase online engagement but in a genuine and organic way.

1. Limit Attendance

People love to experience brands. People love it even more if they get an exclusive invite. This makes them more excited to share a brand’s story or new product launch as ‘bragging rights’ for being the first to have a peak at the goods.

2. Create Unique Hashtags

Creating a unique hashtag for  your event makes it easier for you and your fans to track real-time engagement. It provides a common source of conversation with your fans without overt sales pitching and truly brings out the brand image you wish to portray.

3. Live Stream Content

Bring social media to the forefront. Make it known that attendees’ tweets will not only be seen by their followers but by individuals who have also been exclusively invited to the event. This helps increase physical interactions as your audience will be inclined to find the person with the hilariously punny tweet.

4. Have a Keepsake

Encourage attendees to post on social media using your unique hashtag by providing an incentive. There are photo booth services like PixelBooth that offer a service called PixelGram where they compile a live feed of photos from Instagram or Twitter using your unique event hashtag. Then your attendees can print their photos taken with Instagram or Twitter on-site.

5. Be Actively Engaged

Don’t forget to bring out your social media savvy and tweet and post using your own account to provide a flow of conversation. Be sure to make your unique hashtag clear on signage, posters, banners and even stickers at the event so that it always stays top of mind.


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